Skyline Geoscience is a Colorado-based firm with a mission to unite natural and built environments through sound geologic consultation and support. 


Our Strategy and our Mission:

PROVIDE professional consulting services and applied geology expertise to support scientifically sound and informed land development and planning.

We live in a complex and dynamic environment. Leaning on various professionals to inform on site conditions, natural hazards, and development impacts is imperative to scientifically sound land development, planning, hazard mitigation, and asset management.

PLACE the client and partner at the core.

Skyline works as a team with clients and partners, including geotechnical engineers, hydrologists, civil engineers, structural engineers, land surveyors, GIS analysts, UAS professionals, and others. It is imperative that geoscience professionals and adjacent industries work together toward solutions. Communication is key. So is understanding the geologic conditions impacting your site from an early stage, saving time and investments.

CONTRIBUTE to the solution through research and development in support of the geoscience industry.

Whenever possible, Skyline works on new ideas and new ways to get the job done. We believe industry professionals should have a bigger stake in research and development - contributing, participating, publishing, leading.

CREATE a work environment that promotes personal and professional growth, equality, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

We believe in improving ourselves, learning new things, promoting our coworkers and colleagues, and collaborating with others whenever possible. We believe in equality and diversity. Innovation is a well-worn word but it still rings true. Skyline strives to create the growth atmosphere for which new ideas bloom. We hope it is contagious.



Skyline Geoscience provides geology and geologic hazard consulting services to support scientifically sound land development and planning. Skyline works with developers, planners, landowners, geotechnical, civil, and environmental design team professionals, and local and state government departments. Partnerships and tandem relations with other industry professionals help to strengthen our geoscience support team, leverages local talent and expertise, and pushes our analyses and project deliverables to greater heights.

[A geologist] looks at the skyline and sees a vision of the subsurface, an interpretation of the rocks above and below, of the processes that shaped and formed the landscape. A geologist looks toward the skyline and sees the intersection of the natural world with the vertical and subterranean influence of the constructed world. This intersection between the natural and constructed worlds is congenial when sound, informed, and strategic geological, geotechnical, environmental, and land use planning practices are applied. 

The constructed and natural worlds are interconnected and cannot be considered separately. The past, present, and potential future geologic conditions have great influence over development design and planning. Adverse geologic conditions can exist for sites where development is planned, and these sites require investigation by a qualified professional with specific education and experience. Skyline’s objective is to provide consulting services to support geologically sound land development and planning to help reduce risk to life and property. Skyline is also dedicated to exploring innovations that advance the geoscience industry by integrating new technology and methodologies into existing workflows.

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Skyline will help you CHARACTERIZE, ANALYZE, AND VISUALIZE the geology and geologic hazards on your project site. Click on the links below to explore a full list of our applied specialties.