Geoscience Research

research - experimentation - innovation

Skyline is determined to be involved in research and development to advance the geoscience industry. The benefits of these advancements directly impact the clients we serve. Skyline strives to explore new and more powerful ways to collect and interpret the vast amounts of data available and retrievable with developing technology platforms. The goal is to become proactive in our approaches to geologic hazards and to use developing technology to boost existing workflows and data collection or to do something in a completely new way. Current topics of interest include:

  • UAV's applied effectively to monitor slope movement and assist in geohazard characterization.

  • UAV’s applied to mapping and data collection on rock outcrops and slopes for rock slope stability studies and kinematic analyses.

  • Geohazard susceptibility modeling methodologies.

  • Advocating for and implementing non-mainstream technologies applied to geohazards.

“Industry advancement fueled by necessity, curiosity and determination.”