Skyline Support

Land Development

We provide geologic SOLUTIONS for challenging conditions.

Is your property in a known geologic hazard area which requires analysis by a Professional Geologist? Do you seek information on the geologic suitability or need a geologic hazard characterization for a property you plan to develop? Do you need a site and soils investigation for an onsite septic system?

Skyline can assist at all stages of the land development process, from suitability studies through to the construction phase. Skyline provides support at the baseline and due diligence phases where informed design and planning decisions are critical. We specialize in characterizing and analyzing landslides, debris flows, and rockfall hazards. We perform kinematic analyses and fracture studies to characterize site conditions and rock slope stability. Skyline provides geology and geologic hazard expertise to support design team objectives. Skyline supports client-informed geoscience practices, reducing the impacts of existing geologic hazards and building and planning responsibly.

Construction, Civil, Environmental, and Geotechnical Engineering Firms

TEAM with Skyline to overcome geological challenges, expand your services, elevate your deliverables, and offer more to your clients. Skyline is available to provide geology and geologic hazard consulting services to meet the needs of construction, environmental, civil, and geotechnical engineering industries.


We EMPOWER local and state government departments involved in planning, land use, open space, and transportation by supplementing their geoscience and engineering teams and providing geologic hazard tools and resources needed to make strategic and informed decisions to meet both immediate and long range needs. We specialize in geologic suitability and hazards and perform inventory mapping which delineates areas with existing geologic hazards. We also perform hazard and susceptibility modeling for these geologic hazards (such as rockfall and debris flows).

Mining & Energy

Skyline can provide geologic consulting to support mining and energy projects that range from individual sites to extensive linear assets that cross multiple state lines. We provide geologic studies, geologic hazard characterization and analysis, seismic investigations, landslide and debris flow studies, rockfall studies, rock coring and characterization, and kinematic analysis. We also provide baseline and due diligence studies to support informed design and construction planning.

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